Shocking Talent Of Keeravani's Father

By - January 16, 2017 - 10:12 PM IST

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When you look at a certain film personality you tend to measure him or her with their main line of profession such as acting, direction, music composition, writing or any other craft. However, there are those individuals who have few other talents which surface at unexpected times.

Shivashakti Datta, father of the noted music director M M Keeravani has got his own position in Tollywood as a noted lyricist but there is also another talent of his which will certainly shock you. Shivashakti Datta is a very talented artist as well.

He has done many paintings and those who are in the field of art rate him as one of the finest. Not just that, Shivashakti Datta has also wielded the megaphone. He directed the film Chandrahaas. Looks like the father’s genes have passed onto the son in the right manner.