Big Hero's Promotions Need To Pick Up

By - January 16, 2017 - 10:19 PM IST

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After reaching a certain stature as a hero, you tend to get a fair share of attention even without your initiative. However, when your film is on the anvil it is imperative that you have to do what it takes and ensure the film gets maximum promotion.

In a regional market like Tollywood, it is much more needed and hence some cine folks are saying one big hero needs to ramp up the speed. He is victory Venkatesh and the film in discussion is Guru. As such, the promotions are yet to begin.

The film is due for release on January 25th and not much noise is heard at the moment. On the other hand, films like Om Namo Venkatesaya which are releasing in February already started their promotions. Let us wait to see what strategy Venky deploys for his project.