Cops Relieve His Frustration

By - January 20, 2017 - 10:57 AM IST

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Among the many hilarious roles of Hasya Chakravarthi Brahmanandam the best in the recent past happens to be from the movie Race Gurram. Brahmi’s role as a frustrated cop enthralled the audience and gave them a lot of entertainment. It became a highlight.
While that was on a lighter vein, it is true that there are many sincere cops who tend to get frustrated for various reasons. Lately, one man was quite frustrated about one thing. He is People’s star R Narayanamurthy and his anguish was over not getting theatres for his movie Head Constable Venkatramaiah.
As the title indicates, he did the role of a head constable. But now, his frustration got relieved by the cops of one district. Nearly 230 plus head constables from Adilabad district got a holiday to watch the film along with their families. This move from the police department reportedly brought tears of joy to the hyper emotional R Narayanamurthy, as per sources.

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