Kangaru Rajus In Pawan Kalyan Camp

By - January 24, 2017 - 04:53 PM IST

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You would have certainly come across those moments wherein a particular character in a film reminds you of someone in real life. Fact is, many such characters are inspired from real life people. It appears even power star Pawan Kalyan has a few surrounding him.
Apparently, the senior actor Naresh did the role of ‘Kangaru Raju’ in the movie Shatamanam Bhavati wherein he keeps doing stuff in a hurry and goofs up. Similarly, a discussion is happening that in Pawan’s team such people are there.
The reason being, errors are happening in his written communication to public. Given his schedules, PK wouldn’t look into details. He will endorse and release it trusting his team. Well, he has to be careful because he has earned a national image today and every word matters. Hope the Kangaru Rajus in PK camp also realize that.

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