RGV Is Not Homo Sapien

By - January 24, 2017 - 04:44 PM IST

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The binomial nomenclature for human species is Homo Sapiens and we belong to that. We also know that we have certain limitations in terms of our ability to perform tasks and the time. However, some feel one man is no homo sapien at all.
He is the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and some are quipping that he is not a human being. The reason being, the number of projects he is doing. Currently, he is doing Sarkar 3 with Amitabh Bachchan and in between he did Vangaveeti.
When discussion was happening that he would do Nayeem he has planned a Bollywood flick called Arrest with Irrfan Khan or Abhishek Bachchan. Then he has the big budget Nuclear movie. Now, he is doing one more called Beautiful with Alia Bhatt. We don’t know how and from where he is doing so many things. This is quite non homo sapien.

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