Pen Drives To Replace CDs In Audio Launch Events

By - January 26, 2017 - 05:44 PM IST

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Unlike Bollywood, the Tollywood circuit is famous for holding the audio launch events in a grand way. For them, it is more of a platform to create visibility and brand to their movie. As is the custom, the event is completed by unveiling of the audio CDs.
But technology has changed and CDs have become outdated. Even the new cars are not having CD drives so alternative measures are being looked at. Reports reveal the Tollywood folks are planning to give pen drives to the guests during audio events going forward.
However, the data cannot be deleted from these pen drives or reused. It only works in playable mode and nothing new can be added. Sources say these pen drives may get introduced this year and big audio companies like Aditya and madhura are planning this.