Nagababu's Call For Special Status Movement

By - January 26, 2017 - 11:40 AM IST

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Among the half a dozen heroes of the mega family, there is one man who has kept a low profile but earned enough reputation for his nature. He is none other than mega brother Nagababu and while he keeps a low profile he certainly knows when to come out.
Recently, Nagababu made headlines when he blasted the likes of RGV and others to bits on a public forum. And now, he has come back to spotlight with his call for the Special Status movement to the state of Andhra Pradesh. This came as a surprise to a few.
However, Nagababu has candidly shared that he and his family is in full support of the movement and he reportedly added that his brother Pawan Kalyan took a very good call by taking up this movement. Let us see how many oblige to mega brother’s call.

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