Akhil's Fate For Tamil Hero

By - January 26, 2017 - 11:35 AM IST

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When we say Akhil it doesn’t refer to the Akkineni Prince Akhil but it does refer to his debut flick Akhil. Earmarked to be the best debut ever for a star kid, 'Akhil’ came with huge hype and it ended up as a disaster. There are few external reasons for that.
The film got postponed several times and the interest level came down among the audience. Added to that, the talk became weak and the film got wiped out at the box office. Now, the same situation might happen to one Tamil hero who has a good flick on hand.
We are talking about the supremely talented Suriya and his new movie S3 got postponed again. This tends to set a negative vibe among the audience and interest level comes down. However, if content is good it will survive so let us wish S3 comes soon without further delay.