Director's Strict Rule On The Sets

By - January 28, 2017 - 10:44 AM IST

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The most important element you need to bear in mind while shooting for a film is discipline. If your cast and crew is not following the discipline rightly it has an adverse effect not just on the quality of the film but also on the entire proceedings leading to budget issues.

There are many directors who are quite stern on the sets of their shooting and have their share of rules. Now, one filmmaker has come up with a new strict rule. He is the genius director A R Murugadoss and he has reportedly taken a new decision while shooting.

It is heard that Murugadoss has banned the usage of soft drinks on his sets. It is known that he hails from Tamil Nadu which is currently focusing strongly on banning drinks like Coke, Thums Up and others which are sucking their water tables dry. This is an impressive move by Murugadoss!

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