SV Krishna Reddy Has Big Producer In Pocket

By - January 30, 2017 - 04:25 PM IST

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You can be a very talented director with a very beautiful story in your hands but without a producer who has belief in you, nothing works. The biggest challenge for any director is to find that type of producer who can support till the movie is made and released.

Given that, one director who has been off the radar since quite a while has reportedly got a very big producer in his pocket. We are talking about S V Krishna Reddy and blockbuster producer Bandla Ganesh respectively. There is an interesting link between both.

Bandla Ganesh got his first break in career through SVK’s movie Vinodam and since then he has been quite grateful to the filmmaker. As a mark of respect, he is now keen to produce a movie for Krishna Reddy so everything rests upon when the director can lock a proper script.

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