What Language Is This?

By - February 02, 2017 - 12:42 PM IST

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Your skill as a good communicator depends entirely on how well you know a particular language and how you are using your words. This needs to be more accurate when you are dealing with English and have incorporated it in a regional language film.

When you bring that nativity in your English, it does make the language experts grimace with frustration. The much talked about movie Singham 3 is preparing to hit the screens and before that, the makers have released a total English trailer.

Well, they compiled all the English dialogues used in the movie and came up with a trailer. Those who saw it are saying it doesn’t sound like English and are certain that if a proper English speaking person sees he/she will be scared to their wits end. Anyhow, you cannot expect much from a mass movie so let us play along.

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