Father's Name As Son's Film Title

By - February 06, 2017 - 04:03 PM IST

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There are many factors that determine the title for a movie and normally you tend to mix it with some form or sentiment or other. However, having the name of your father as the title of your movie is something very rare and unique but it has happened now.

A Tamil movie has been titled as Sathya and the hero of the movie is Sibi Sathyaraj. He is the son of the senior Tamil star Sathyaraj alias Kattappa of Baahubali. Secondly, Sathya happens to be the remake of the Telugu blockbuster Kshanam which came last year.

Reports from Chennai reveal Sibi is also the producer of the film and it was his intention to have his father’s name in the title. Career wise, the father is going great guns while the son is having a lean period so let us wish that the father name sentiment brings him the much needed success.

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