Hindutva Effect In Hollywood

By - February 08, 2017 - 12:08 PM IST

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To those who understand religion well, they would know that Hinduism is not a religion per se but a way of living. Hence it is called as Sanatana Dharma. There are many beautiful facets to Hinduism which strike the inner core of your soul if an attempt is made to understand.

The effect of Hindutva was seen in Hollywood recently when the world famous singer and songwriter Miley Cyrus conducted a Lakshmi Pooja at her residence. Interestingly, she has done it with thorough procedure adhering to all requirements of the Hindu tradition.

Buzz is that Miley had conducted this Pooja as she wants her performance during Super Bowl championship to become a success. Keeping that aside, the fact that she has done something like this is now prompting her colleagues, fans and admirers to learn more about Hinduism.