Every Aspect Of Pawan Kalyan Is News

By - February 08, 2017 - 11:00 AM IST

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As soon as you become a film hero, you will automatically get a popularity quotient and eventually based on your success and screen charisma, you become a demigod. But some stars reach a very unique stage wherein anything and everything they do becomes hot news.

Tollywood has few of them and one name that stands first in the list is power star Pawan Kalyan. Given the fact that Pawan is quite a private person, the curiosity and attention span is more on him. But along with that, there is a special mania that always surrounds him.

So much so that even the phone he uses becomes a hot topic. Well, it is heard that Pawan who is normally not seen with any phone uses a iPhone-6 Plus because he finds it handy to send tweets and for his other works such as reading books, listening to music. That’s the story folks!

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