Will These Things Work For Pawan Kalyan?

By - February 11, 2017 - 10:33 AM IST

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Though we refer to power star Pawan Kalyan as a superstar and a cinema hero the day is not far when we will start addressing more as a political leader than a film celebrity. Pawan has found the Jana Sena party and is taking steps towards active plunge in politics.

While he has already announced he would be contesting in the 2019 elections here is the first concrete step towards that. Pawan is currently in USA and he is consulting with Prof Steven Jarding considered the big guru for political leaders at an international level.

He has been responsible for chalking out campaign strategies for many bigwigs. Now that Pawan has started his discussions with him, many are wondering whether this move will really work. Regional politics and that too a complex arena like the Telugu states might be a different ball game. Only time will reveal whether the magic of Jarding will work or not.

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