Comments On Pawan Kalyan's English Speech

By - February 13, 2017 - 06:02 PM IST

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If you were to give a speech at a gathering the best attention you would get is only from those who are present at that venue. But if you are a powerful Tollywood film celebrity who is giving a speech at a foreign venue, you would get the attention of the entire Telugu clan.

True to that, the trip of power star Pawan Kalyan to the US has been quite a hot topic of discussion and he is adding more fuel to it with his speeches. The latest from Pawan has been a speech at the prestigious Harvard University and within no time, discussions and comments on this came up.

The overall conclusion is, Pawan’s speech in English was good and though it is not a completely American accent from him, Pawan spoke well and had few valid observations to make. Along with that, few have mentioned that his articulation was nice. So, looks like our man has passed the test.

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