Music Director's Love Video With American Beauty

By - February 15, 2017 - 03:31 PM IST

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It is the month of Valentine’s eve so it is obvious that romance would be in the air in excess quantity. Taking this as the cue, the film folks also tend to come out with their romantic offerings for your entertainment in the form of movies or videos.

As part of that, one music director has come up with a love video which is going viral. The man in discussion is the multi talented Raghu Kunche and his video ‘For You’ is getting a good response. This is shot entirely in the USA and here is the interesting part.

All are enquiring about the girl who featured in the video alongside Raghu as she seems to have scored the brownie points. Sources reveal the girl’s name is Neeta Kiran and her bubbly image has added more spirit to the song. Overall, the video is getting many views and so is the American girl.

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