'Pellichoopulu' Formula For 'Ghazi'

By - February 16, 2017 - 10:54 AM IST

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Your ultimate goal of making a film is not just about quenching your creative passion but also to get money for your producers and buyers. So, whatever formula works for the success, it is implemented without fail. Here is one such formula being used.
The much talked about movie Ghazi is gearing up for release on February 17th but its reviews are already out and making rounds. The reason for that is Ghazi team has followed the formula which was used by the blockbuster hit movie Pellichoopulu.
Apparently, they held premieres for the movie before release since the content is good. The same is happening with Ghazi and the promotion is happening very aggressively even in Mumbai. With this, the trade gurus have announced the openings would be strong and this is a certain hit.

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