Nagababu Is Not Vexed Up To Give Same Answer

By - February 15, 2017 - 05:17 PM IST

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Being a celebrity, the moment you give a sensational or controversial statement in a public forum, the media ensures you are haunted till your last breath seeking response and reactions. While some celebs tend to lose their fuse again, some stick to their guns.

Recently mega brother Nagababu stirred the hornet’s nest when he was speaking during the function of the movie Khaidi No 150 and blasted the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and writer Yendamuri Veerendranath. The after effects are still being experienced by him.

It is heard that wherever he is going, the media folks are asking why did you fire Yendamuri, RGV during that event. For this, Nagababu’s answer is “I am not feeling guilty about it. Whatever I said was prepared and planned. Such type of people will understand only like that.” That’s the story folks!

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