What Is This Non-Veg Flavored Vegetarianism?

By - February 16, 2017 - 06:04 PM IST

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Speaking about your diet habits you call yourself as a vegetarian, non-vegetarian or the recently introduced eggetarian. But can you call yourself as a pure vegetarian by eating a non-vegetarian dish. If you listen to this, you might have to think a bit.
The innocent faced cutie pie Lavanya Tripathi is reportedly a total vegetarian but here is the catch. She reportedly orders Chicken Biriyani, removes the pieces and eats the rest. Those who heard this are saying they are not sure what the logic is.
According to them, eating Chicken Biriyani with or without the meat pieces is as good as eating non vegetarian only. They suggest that Lavanya should come clear with this interesting way of eating food. For now, this non-veg flavoured vegetarianism is confusing many.

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