Dil Raju's Blessing For Raj Tharun

By - February 16, 2017 - 03:00 PM IST

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Your reputation and credibility as a hero is cemented when you are approached by directors with various storylines. It becomes a reliable situation when producers start recommending your name for projects. Very few heroes have such a mettle.
In Tollywood, one young hero who fits that bill is Raj Tharun. Though he came to the industry to become a director fate had different plans for him and he is now a hot property. News is that Raj has got the blessings of the star producer Dil Raju recently.
Sources reveal the noted director Anish of Ala Ela fame has come up with a crime thriller storyline and when he approached Dil Raju, the latter recommended the name of Raj Tharun. Even the young hero has liked the line so the blessing has worked for him.

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