Young Generation Behind NTR

By - February 22, 2017 - 04:42 PM IST

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Though we speak of many stalwarts in the Telugu film industry the first place would always belong to only one man, he is the great N T Rama Rao. Today, if Telugu people have got any identity across this massive nation, it is only due to the efforts and impact of NTR.

It has been quite a while since NTR is no more amidst us but his presence is always felt. Interestingly, a new trend is being observed wherein the young generation is following him for reference and inspiration. Here is one such example.

Tollywood has now seen the arrival of a new baddie from north. His name is Thakur Anoop Singh and he happens to be the title holder of Mr India. Sharing his thoughts, Anoop reportedly said he has seen many movies of NTR for reference and that helped him a lot in his acting. The list of such names is endless.