Biggest Compliment For Small Film

By - February 27, 2017 - 06:10 PM IST

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Getting into Tollywood might be a big challenge for you when your product is a small budget film but if it gets the blessing of a biggie then you are in for a roll. Normally, the small budget flicks tend to get ignored and neglected and hence they sink without a trace.

But now one small budget film seems to have struck the heart of the big producer Dil Raju and he gave it the biggest compliment. The film is titled Vellipomake which marks the debut of Yakub Ali as director. Dil Raju has taken this film and is releasing it in his banner.

Sharing his thoughts on the movie, Dil Raju called this movie a Library and added he wanted to hold a workshop on how the film was made. A man who produces some of the big budget flicks calling it a library is certainly a big compliment and a boost for the small budget filmmakers.