Pawan Kalyan May Shut Down His Twitter Account

By - February 28, 2017 - 05:28 PM IST

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In order to have a good connect with the Aam Janta, you need to have an extensive online presence as a film celebrity or a political figure. However, this online presence also comes with a baggage wherein you are expected to react or respond to issues that are irrelevant too.

Akin to that, one talk is making rounds that power star Pawan Kalyan may well be shutting down his Twitter account. Apparently, he is facing flak for maintaining silence on Twitter. All are saying he is not responding to any issue involving the state or the Indians.

The reference is more about the recent killing of Kuchibotla Srinivas in USA due to a hate crime. Prior to this, Pawan’s silence was questioned on another issue. So, because the Twitter account is there many are harassing Pawan to say something. Not just PK but many celebs are facing this issue lately. Given that, the best solution would be to shut it down.

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