Sankalp Reddy Spoils Many Youngsters

By - February 28, 2017 - 12:53 PM IST

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The moment you strike success you become an inspiration to many others and they take you as the role model. This happens a lot in the film industry. And in today’s time, all it takes is one hit to make you famous and also as a reference point.

The same is happening with one person. He is none other than Sankalp Reddy, the maker of the movie Ghazi. The film has done phenomenally well but here is the thing. During his interviews in TV, Sankalp comes across as a normal boy next door.

Looking at him, many aspiring directors are getting inspired and jumping into the cine field. While it is not sure how many will shine and how many will sink, Sankalp has proven a point with his debut flick and if he pulls off another success then this mania would increase further.

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