DSP's Tribute To His GURU

By - February 28, 2017 - 11:07 AM IST

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Ace music composer Devi Sri Prasad is currently on the top of his game but he has never forgotten his roots. DSP had great respect for legendary musician (late) Shri Mandolin Srinivas and this year he is all set to pay a warm tribute to his Guru. Devi is going to launch a song called "GURAVE NAMAHA" on the eve of Shrinivas' birth anniversary i.e., February 28.

Besides conceptualisation, composition and rendering the song, DSP also played mandolin - a true tribute for his Guru indeed. The Sanskrit lyrics are by yet another noted lyricist Sri Jonnavithula garu. Talking about the song, DSP says,

The greatness of a Guru cannot be expressed in words. So, I tried to express it through music. I composed this song in Keeravani raaga, which is one of the most favourite raagas of my Guru Sri Mandolin Shrinivas anna. I conceptualised the song in such a way that each of the 7 notes explains one incomparable divine quality of my Guru. I wanted this song to be in Sanskrit to make it more musical and universal as my Guru has fans all over the world. Hence, I approached Sri Jonnavithula garu with the concept and he immediately accepted my request, and wrote the most beautiful lyrics for this song. I also got a music video made for this song with rare and beautiful performance clips of Shrinivas Anna. I would like to thank each and every fan of Mandolin Shrinivas anna who helped us in collecting this footage from various parts of the world."

Adding further, DSP says, "
My wish is to see that this song reaches millions of Anna's fans who worship him as GOD. The song is about his legacy and also the greatness of a Guru. We are releasing this song on Mandolin Shrinivas Anna's birth anniversary on Feb 28 through Lahari Music. This song is dedicated to every great Guru who bring meaning to our lives."

On the same day, like every year, Mandolin Rajesh (brother of Mandolin Shrinivas) and DSP, along with SS International Live, are organising a tribute concert called "The Great MANdolin". The concert will feature legendary musicians like Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Drums Shivamani, Mandolin Rajesh and many more amazing artistes.

DSP will also be performing along with these illustrious musicians. Shrinivas, who passed away in 2014, was himself a child prodigy, who brought in his own style of performing music on the mandolin. It was he who introduced DSP to mandolin at a very young age, and impressed with the young boy's potential, Shrinivas wanted DSP to become a mandolin player like him. Over the years, after turning music director in film industry, DSP had made his admiration towards his guru quite evident. And the music video that he's going to release on Shrinivas' birth anniversary is going to be a befitting tribute to his Guru.