Pawan Kalyan's Son Factor Also Didn't Work?

By - March 01, 2017 - 05:55 PM IST

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You might find this ironic but here is something interesting. Just taking the name of power star Pawan Kalyan is sufficient for certain actors and movies to become successful. Strategy is, taking the name of Pawan draws the patronage of the huge power star fan base.

Given that, you can imagine how exciting it would be for them to support the son of Pawan Kalyan. However, this strategy didn’t seem to work for Pawan’s former wife Renu Desai. She made her debut as a director with the movie ‘Ishq Wala Love’ which also had Akira Nandan, Pawan’s son.

Buzz is that despite the presence of Akira, that didn’t work and the film flunked. Some also say the promotion was weak. Few others suggest that if it had been dubbed into Telugu it would have worked or at least brought a respectable collection. Better luck next time Renu!

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