Ladies Vote For 'Kohni Maar'

By - March 07, 2017 - 12:14 PM IST

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To those of you who do not hail from the north, the phrase 'Kohni Maar' might sound alien but allow us to share its meaning. ‘Kohni Maar’ means elbowing someone out of the way and moving forward and right now many ladies including actresses are voting for it with full emotion.

Apparently, ‘Kohni Maar’ is a kind of self defense technique to overpower an attacker and given the sporadic attacks happening on women including few starlets, one hero demonstrated how to do it. He is Bollywood’s charming star Akshay Kumar.

He posted it on his twitter profile for the ladies and mentioned that learning it would prove useful at some point or the other. Soon, he would be seen in a Telugu movie titled Nenu Shabana. Well, this is the dubbed version of a Hindi movie Naam Shabana. For now, vote for ‘Kohni Maar’!

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