Frustrated Prakash Raj Stands To Fight!

By - March 07, 2017 - 05:30 PM IST

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You tend to work hard as an actor to earn the acceptance of the audience and the efforts are much more when you have to do it with viewers of different states. There are a very few set of actors who have been successful in doing that.

One among them is the powerhouse performer Prakash Raj and right now it is heard that he is breathing fire. Reports from Chennai reveal Prakash Raj has decided to contest for the Producers Council Elections and he took this decision out of frustration.

Apparently, Prakash is now being branded as a Kannadiga and what credentials he has to contest for that position. The senior actor has not taken this sweetly and in order to put an end to such regional feelings, he has decided to contest and change the scenario. Wishing him all success!