Mega Hero's Surprise Entry In Summer Race

By - March 09, 2017 - 07:13 PM IST

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We are now entering yet another summer and since the blistering heat is going to roast us thanks to the global warming we are creating, we might seek refuge in the AC theatres watching movies. Cognizant of that, the big budget flicks capture the entire summer season.

Normally, you are fully aware of who is going to be part of the race, especially if it is from the star families. But this time one hero from the mega family has sprang a surprise. He is none other than Allu Sirish and he is arriving with a movie during the summer.

It is titled as 1971 Bharatha Sarihaddu and this happens to be a dubbed version of a Malayalam movie. Superstar Mohanlal is the lead hero and it is heard that Sirish is playing a very important role which is crucial to the plot. The film is directed by Major Ravi so here’s wishing all success to Sirish.

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