Senior MD's Favorite 'Pavilion'

By - March 09, 2017 - 07:05 PM IST

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You might be a big film celebrity or a popular film personality but truth remains that at the end of the day you are also human and you would have your share of wants and wishes. So, film folks tend to have their favorite joints especially when they want to have outside food.

A senior music director is also part of this list and he is none other than Vandemataram Srinivas. It is heard that this singer cum actor is often spotted at the recently opened Drive-in joint namely 'The Pavilion'. This is located near road number 45 Jubilee Hills.

With nice picturesque surroundings, it is heard that Vandemataram Srinivas holds his business and personal meetings during the evening time. This Drive-in is considered one of his favorites and lately those who have seen him are saying the senior music director is looking young and fresh.

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