Will Hollywood Concept With Native Beauty Work?

By - March 11, 2017 - 07:16 PM IST

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From a long time you have noticed that Tollywood or Bollywood has been taking Hollywood as inspiration for storylines or special scenes. That tradition would continue but then it is important to consider the nativity aspect and taste of the local audience.

Given that, one film is now grabbing attention because of its concept. We are talking about the dubbed movie Dora featuring the gracious beauty Nayanthara in the lead. According to sources, this is a ghost movie and the ghost actually happens to be a car.

The film is touted for March 31st release Malkapuram Shivakumar is producing the Telugu version. So far, we have been used to seeing Ghosts in toys or as themselves but a car getting possessed is something unusual. It has to be seen how the audience will receive this variety treat.

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