Hero's Casting Couch In Discussion Now

By - March 14, 2017 - 10:48 AM IST

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Casting couch, this is more like a demon which lurks in the shadows of the film industry and you tend to hear this term every now and then. Grapevine is strong that casting couch is part and parcel of the entertainment industry but the protocol is, nobody should talk about it.
However, it appears that the actresses are keen to become vocal about it. While the authenticity of their claims is yet to be proved but right now the discussion is on one hero. Senior actress Kasturi has reportedly revealed how one Tamil star hero was harassing her for sex.
With her revelation, big discussions are happening on who can be this hero. Since Kasturi mentioned he is in politics guesswork is happening. The suspicion is going on all those heroes who are currently in politics. One tipoff is that it happens to be a senior actor who was at top in the 90s. Who is he?

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