Producer Deprived Of Sleep For 72 Hours

By - March 15, 2017 - 11:35 AM IST

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When film schedules are running in full momentum you end up having long schedules and don’t realize how days and nights are passing. But recently one producer had been through a non-stop 72 hours without sleep for a purely personal and disheartening reason.
He is none other than Dil Raju. Apparently, he went to the US and as soon as he landed, he heard the news of his wife’s demise. So, he had to fly back immediately to India and once he landed he was awake the whole night attending to his near and dear.
The next day, he was entirely busy with the ritual formalities and meeting up with those who came to offer their condolences. This is perhaps the darkest three days of Dil Raju’s life not just because of lack of sleep but for the biggest loss of his life partner.

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