Internet Rights On Amazon- A New Opportunity For TFI

By - March 18, 2017 - 02:56 PM IST

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Though cinema is all about arts and entertainment to the people, at the end of the day it is business and it runs like an industry. Hence, various options are explored at all times by the cine folks. But this time, a new opportunity has come knocking their doors.

It is known that Tollywood movies have great demand not just in the Telugu states but across India. Now, one Giant has come to buy internet rights of the movies. It is the Amazon company and news is that they are ready to shell out upto 2 crores for each movie.

The best part is, this amount is only for internet rights that Amazon is paying and the makers still have the privilege to sell TV rights. Given the fact that Amazon is entering with huge budgets it has opened a new avenue for revenue to the Tollywood folks.

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