Baahubali Trilogy Books Going To Hollywood?

By - March 18, 2017 - 03:07 PM IST

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Everywhere you see, the only word that you would be hearing right now is Baahubali. That is the kind of impact this magnum opus has created. Now, the same impact is likely to be created by the book written by one man based on the film. His name is Anand Neelakantan.

He wrote a book named ‘The Rise Of Sivagami’ and sources reveal he will write three more books. This will not be the movie’s story but he will establish the full character and write at length about each person in the story. It will become a continuous series of sorts.

Few experts say it will be useful as a TV series and already the first book has reached few filmmakers in Hollywood. Thoughts are on whether to make it as a film or TV series. The standards are very high there and it would be good to see this book as celluloid product in Hollywood. In a way, it has become like the ‘Harry Potter’ series.

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