Ganesh Is The Hero For Web And TV Ratings

By - March 20, 2017 - 05:48 PM IST

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The backbone for business in the TV and web world is the TRP rating and irrespective of what flavor it is, almost all entities go for it. The demand for such programs keep changing from time to time and right now one man has become the hot property for both TV and Web channels.

He is none other than the blockbuster producer Bandla Ganesh. Till recently he was part of some big projects and later on, he disappeared. But now he has emerged again and whenever his interviews come, the TRP ratings go high.

It is all due to the extreme and exaggerated statements that come from Ganesh. Whether it is comedy or overaction nobody is sure but he is certainly drawing attention with his statements. Well, as long as business is happening good, the demand for Ganesh would be intact.

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