Why It's Becoming Difficult For Anushka?

By - March 21, 2017 - 01:10 PM IST

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As a heroine it is hard to have a long shelf life and also sustain it with the right kind of looks and demand. Many deserving beauties have faded within no time but one starlet has proved to be an exception. She is none other than the awesome beauty Anushka.

Her presence is intact since the last two decades and even today, she is the darling for generations of audience. However, Anushka is currently dealing with an issue, her weight. As such, many other actors and actresses are coming down or putting on weight.

Given that, many are wondering why Anushka is finding it tough to reduce few kilos. One version is that after doing the movie Size Zero Anushka has resorted to natural means of weight reduction instead of cosmetic surgeries hence the delay. Here’s wishing her a speedy reduction.