Nasser Repeats Mahesh Babu's Act

By - March 22, 2017 - 06:21 PM IST

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When you have a bug of humour inside you, even the most serious of the scenes or images can be interpreted into something light. Ever since the social media has gone active, many creative minds keep coming up with hilarious observations and analysis.
This time the senior actor Nasser has been compared to superstar Mahesh Babu and this has to do with one of his gestures in a scene. We are talking about the magnum opus Baahubali and recently the trailer was unveiled. In that Nasser is shown breaking the wall with his bare hands.
While the scene is rather intense and serious, some gave it a different perspective. They said that Nasser has repeated superstar Mahesh Babu’s act. In Athadu Mahesh does the same thing and as a result, some are sharing it in a funny vein. Well, after Mahesh it was only Nasser who did that so why not.

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