Turning Point To Telugu Cinema With This Film?

By - March 24, 2017 - 11:35 AM IST

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When you draw a comparison table between Bollywood and Tollywood, you will see a huge difference between both in terms of content. Bollywood has broken many barriers and keeps coming up with sizeable number of movies dealing with adult content.

However, Tollywood was never keen but now one film might just become the turning point for the conservative industry. We are talking about Babu Baaga Busy featuring Avasarala Srinivas. This is the remake of the Bollywood flick Hunterrr which was a saucy adult comedy.

As such, bold content with notable stars only brings certain acceptance and anything with new faces gets perceived as an adult movie. Since this has Srinivas Avasarala it may get acceptance and open doors for many movies in that genre.

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