Devi Sri Prasad On Sex With Dead Body

By - March 24, 2017 - 11:49 AM IST

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The only area you can connect rock star Devi Sri Prasad is music and songs. Given that, how can he be linked to a dead body and that too a heinous act like having sex with it? Well, it is not the rock star but the title of the movie which is Devi Sri Prasad.

It turns out that the title is actually three names of three guys and the entire story revolves around how someone has sex with the dead body. The very thought of having sex with a dead body sends irritating shivers down the spine but this has become the plot for a movie now.

The trailer of the film was also unveiled and those who saw it were in for a shock. This phenomenon of having sex with a dead body is called as Necrophilia. It would be interesting to see how the Telugu audience is going to receive such a bold and gory theme.

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