Ghanta Naveen Babu Is The Ultimate US Superstar

By - March 24, 2017 - 04:35 PM IST

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You must be triple confident that you know who the superstars in Tollywood are and you have certainly not heard of the name Ghanta Naveen Babu. But then, he is being touted as the ultimate superstar in the US market and he happens to be big in Tollywood as well.

Well, allow us to clear your suspense, he is none other than Natural Star Nani and he has become a hot property in the US. His upcoming venture Ninnu Kori is being made in US and sources reveal kerchiefs are already being dropped to grab this project.

Huge amounts are being offered for this movie and it goes to show Nani’s demand. Recently, all his movies in US became bumper hits including Nenu Local which had an average content and yet rocked. All this goes to show the star power of Nani and he has become a king of sorts in US.

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