Pawan Kalyan's Stand Is Impressive

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Your role as an actor or a big film star is not just about offering entertainment but also set an example with the right value system and image. Power star Pawan Kalyan is one man whose fan following is beyond craziness and the mania he creates is inexplicable.

When a man like that takes a stand towards a good cause, it creates a huge impact. Currently, his stand is being hailed by many. Apparently, Pawan is being spotted wearing handlooms in every movie he is doing and he is wearing handloom stuff even during outside events.

This approach of his is getting a warm reception and even the likes of IT Minister KTR have gone on record and praised Pawan for that. Sources close to the power star reveal even in future movies also he would do the same. This is certainly a big blessing to the handloom weavers.

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