MM Keeravani As Lyricist: A Review

By - March 27, 2017 - 12:10 PM IST

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So far you know the music maverick M M Keeravani as a terrific composer and also as a mellifluous singer. However, individuals with extreme talents don’t take long to get into other fields and prove themselves. This time, Keeravani has proved his mettle as a lyricist.

He wrote the lyrics for the song ‘Oka Praanam….’ and when you listen to it closely, you will come across terms like Havanam, Hananam, Nabham. Well, nobody has that luxury to write in cine songs even though it is a historical or mythological movie.

However, Keeravani wrote those words in free flow and created a marvel of a lyric in the song. While the commendation is inevitable, here is another trivia. His father Shiva Shakti Datta is also a poet so usage of rare and precious Telugu words in songs runs in their family.

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