Keeravani's Unprepared Speech Brings Troubles

By - March 28, 2017 - 11:03 AM IST

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You could be the best orator around with the right presence of mind but when you are about to face a crowd and give a speech, you need to be prepared. Also, whatever you say it needs to create an impact and what impact it creates on people should be thought about.

This applies more to folks from the film industry who have a high regarded image. All this seems to have been skipped by the music maverick M M Keeravani during the pre release event of Baahubali-2. In his speech, he was busy praising his family members.

While that is okay, Keeravani bringing out comparisons mentioning brainless directors and adding lyrics these days have lost that value and depth has not gone too well with many. Keeravani’s comments are now being rebuked from various corners and putting him in trouble. Let us see how he comes out of this.