Poor Direction Marred Reality Effect @ Kataramayudu Show

By - March 28, 2017 - 05:52 PM IST

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Entertainment has taken a new meaning for the TV channels who have resorted to reality shows that are filled with sensation and bringing out real life woes. Any person with common sense would know most of these are rather fabricated and dramatized.

While the Aam Janta fall for it and that leads to good TRP, there are also times when such reality effects get marred due to poor direction. The noted channel MANA TV came up with a program on the movie Katamarayudu featuring few hardcore fans of Pawan Kalyan.

Within no time, the fans supposedly lost their cool and created ruckus on the rating. A closer look reveals some are laughing in the side and the emotions are not real. Hence, it was crystal clear that the whole thing looked premeditated and the reality effect didn’t come. Better luck next time folks!

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