Big Director Should Help This Star Son

By - March 28, 2017 - 12:42 PM IST

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You might be under the impression that being a star kid has its own benefits and advantages and making a career in cinema industry is easy. It could be true to only some extent because being a star kid gives you a smooth entry. However, the real deal lies in proving yourself.

It is about getting acceptance from the audience. There is always a strategy required for such entries and the talk now is about one star son. He is none other than Roshan, son of family star Srikanth. As such, his father has seen his heydays of success.

But in order for Roshan to really have a solid footing, the cine seniors are opining that only a big range director should help him or else it is tough to stand as a hero. For now, it is heard that Roshan and Srikanth would be coming together for a new project so let us see what happens.

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