Focus On Rajamouli's Next Project

By - April 04, 2017 - 06:01 PM IST

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Just like there is always curiosity and excitement over a star hero’s project, there is an equal amount of interest on a star director’s project as well. Tollywood has quite a few filmmakers like that and first in that list is the tough taskmaster .

From the time he made his debut he has been coming up with nothing but hits and ever since he made the magnum opus Baahubali people are going crazy over how big his next would be. Anyhow, the man that he is, Rajamouli gave the truth in a simple format.

He reportedly made it clear that he wants to make Mahabharata but only when the technology is adequate. Meanwhile, it is also heard that Rajamouli is planning for a long vacation with family once the movie releases so unless you hear from him about his next, keep guessing.