Abroad Shoots Cheaper Than Indian Studios?

By - April 05, 2017 - 06:34 PM IST

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While planning the budgets for a movie you might be under the impression that shooting abroad would mean a hole in the pocket. However, if you are well informed of the sops, you might end up with some heavy discounts on the making cost and make your producer happy.

Yes, this may sound like a hoax but then shooting abroad is cheaper than shooting them in our own Indian studios. Apparently, some countries are giving cashback to a large extent and in some nations they are giving 100 percent cashback.

Their condition is, the whole movie should be shot in their land and they will provide whatever requirements necessary. Already films like One-Nenokkadine featuring superstar Mahesh Babu was done like that and it recovered some of their costs. So, explore more on this folks!

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