Old Classics As Short Films

By - April 05, 2017 - 05:44 PM IST

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Each day you would see hundreds of short films being uploaded on Youtube and many Short Film makers are cooking out stories based on their imagination. However, here is a word of advice. Instead of that, take up old stories from the books and make them as Short Films.

That way, you would have given old treasure to current generation. The bygone data would be digitalized and even the story would also have content. On the other hand, a fictional story may or may not have content and it’s success ratio gets diminished.

There are many prominent books such as ‘Jataka Kathalu’,  ‘Panchatantra’ and others. For that matter, ‘Amaravathi Kathalu’ came as a Hindi serial and Satyam Sankaramanchi wrote it. Similarly, ‘Malgudi Days’ became a TV serial. So, they can be made as short films and create a classic impact.